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Alison Entrekin

Online literary translation workshops

Our focus this term (Term 1, 2023) will be:

  1. Translating the untranslatable. What is truly possible/impossible? Grande Sertão: Veredas and other texts.
  2. Accents, dialect, slang and scatology in literature
As previous participants know, the syllabus is flexible. I have a map of where we are going, but sometimes we meander, take detours or spend longer on certain things according to the interests of each group.
Homework will be discussed in class.
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Upcoming classes

Term 1 2023

Wagtail Class: Tuesday 4.30pm – 5.50pm Western Australia

Kookaburra Class: Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.50pm Western Australia

Pink Galah Class: Thursday 7am-8.20am Western Australia


Please enquire via the “Get in Touch” form and tell me where in the world you are.