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Alison Entrekin

Online literary translation workshops

Our focus this semester will be:

  1. Creative Writing for Translators. We will examine what inspires us as readers, then participants will try their hand at some guided writing exercises. The objective here is not to turn out professional writers (though if it happens, all the merrier), but for translators to step into a writer’s shoes, explore the nuts and bolts of writing, and then have their work translated by their peers.
  2. Poetry. We will translate poems by Adriana Lisboa into English, with a view to publication.
  3. Song lyrics. We will look at songs from Vinicius de Moraes’s Arca de Noé, with a particular emphasis on scansion and rhyme.
  4. Children’s Literature. We will explore some classics of children’s literature, such as Julia’s Donaldson’s The Gruffalo, Monteiro Lobato’s Reinações de Narizinho and Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.
  5. A glimpse into editing. A guest editor will join us to talk about the publishing process.
While these are discrete units, there are common threads running through them, so I encourage people to commit to the whole semester, where possible.
As previous participants know, the syllabus is flexible. I have a map of where we are going, but sometimes we meander, take detours or spend longer on certain things according to the interests of each group.
Homework will be discussed in class.
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Upcoming classes

Semester Two 2022 Groups

Wagtail Class: Monday 4pm Western Australia

Kookaburra Class: Monday 7pm Western Australia

Pink Galah Class: Wed 7am Western Australia


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